Gunsmithing Services

Gunsmithing, Billings, MT

We offer complete gunsmith services from simple cleaning,  maintenance, and repair to fitting a match grade barrel into your 1911  or machining and chambering a competition barrel on your rifle. We  maintain very tight tolerances for exact fitting parts.  When threading  barrels we dial the bore to .00015" to insure threads and shoulder is  perfect so that your muzzle brake or suppressor is properly aligned to  the bore for maximum performance.  We blueprint actions to .00015" so  that everything is perfectly aligned when assembled.
Our long range rifle packages and accurization packages are guaranteed better than 1/2 moa.

Some of Our Rifle Services

  •  Custom Rifle Builds 
  • Complete Accurization Packages
  •  Action Blueprinting 
  •  Barrel Installation 
  •  Custom Chambering 
  • Barrel Threading
  • Muzzle Crowning
  • Muzzle Brakes
  • Scope Lapping, Leveling and Mounting
  • Cleaning And Inspection

Some of Our Pistol Services

  • Custom 1911 Builds
  • Frame-to-Slide Tightening
  • Custom Barrel Installation
  • Trigger Job
  • Slide Milling
  • Revolver Timing
  • Cleaning & Inspection


We use only quality parts to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.  Quality parts will mean the difference between the off the shelf firearms and that firearm that feels like it's part of you.  That feel will help give you the confidence to be that shooter that can do it time and time again.  

When choosing what products you want to choose is an important step in finding what fits you.  what fits me may not fit you.  That is why we take the time to determine what works for your individual situation.