TWN Hydrographics,


We are TWN Water Transfer Printing (Hydrographic) certified to insure you are getting the best quality available in the industry.

 When it comes to hydrographics, there are many people that say they can  "dip" your firearm.  You should ask yourself: "Do I want just anyone  working on my firearm or do I want a qualified gunsmith disassembling my  firearm and reassembling it again to make sure it functions properly  when I get it back".   

 The products we use are top of the line.  We use epoxy primers to ensure  superior adhesion, then we use top quality base coats.  We use TWN film  and clear coats to protect and make the finished product last a very  long time.  We offer a clear coat called "Soft touch" which offers you a  soft smooth feel instead of the hard slick feel.  We also offer  Cerakote clear coats to add even more protection to your firearm.   

 We have a large selection of film available to see at http://1drv.ms/1oiTT4q